"Captive Free" Youth Concert

On January 27, 2006, St. Mark hosted a youth concert with "Captive Free" a Christian youth ministry group.

Captive Free is a National Team sponsored by Youth Encounter. This group of young adults ministers throughout the West Coastal region of the United States for one year with a faith-encouraging program of music, testimonies, drama and puppetry to inspire people of all ages!

Youth Encounter sponsors many Captive Free teams that travel throughout the United States and many parts of the world!

St. Mark is blessed as Travis, one of its members, is a member of the Captive Free West Coast team. Well into his second year with Captive Free, Travis is thrilled to have the opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus through this unique ministry.

Along with the concert, Captive Free lead the youth in different games.

After several of the games, Captive Free challenged the youth by asking how the games could relate with their Gospel ministry.

The encounter was for all youth in grades 5 to 12. No matter the age, the youth had a great time sharing the evening together.

Although there were many physical activities, there was also plenty of time to just chill with friends.

Showing blinding speed in this three team race, Paul sprints to his team mates in one of many races.

Throughout the evening one sight was frequently seen, large smiles and frequent laughter. To watch and listen to so many youth of varying years enjoy each other's fellowship was truly a blessing!

At midnight, the 5th and 6th graders went home for the night, while the 7th to 12th graders prepared for a sleep over until Saturday morning.

As the evening concluded, it was obvious that God's presence was with the youth and His blessings had been felt by them.

Finally, with the junior youth preparing to leave, Glenn was seen pondering, "I have how many teenagers until when?!"

Glenn, St. Mark's Ministry Director, would love the opportunity to discuss the various ministries that St. Mark has to offer. Glenn can be reached by email or at (408) 736-6605.


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