Youth Jelly Belly Trip!


On July 31, 2001 some of the St. Mark youth took an afternoon trip to the world reknown Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California, about two hours from St. Mark.

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Although pictures could not be taken inside the factory, the following pictures provide a little background to the Jelly Belly history.

Can you imagine 40 official flavors of jelly beans!!

In addition to the official flavors, the Jelly Belly people offer some combination of beans to eat to make some inviting combinations.

Would you believe, "Sweet Fried Banana?" How about, "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich/"

As can be expected, the Jelly Belly factory attracts world wide attention. To meet the reading needs of many nationalities, the pamphlets were printed in 14+ languages!

After eating all those beans, some of the group starting taking on some different shapes!

Without a doubt, though, the strangest transformation occurred with Matt as he ate one too many lilly pad flavored bean....and before you knew it....he began to take on the characteristics of a frog.

The affect only lasted for a few hours, which was good for all as he really didn't want to come off the fire hydrant. And besides, have you ever tried to order a side order of flies at a fast food restaurent!

In addition to the Jelly Belly factory, the youth also enjoyed a quick stop at Thompson's Chocolates and an olive oil manufacturer. All in all, a great trip and lots of fun.

Now, if we can only get Matt to quit snapping that long tongue every time a bug crawls by!


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