St. Mark Youth's "Thank You"
Car Wash

June 10, 2007

Throughout the last year, St. Mark's youth have been raising funds to send their high school youth to the huge National Convention in Orlando, Florida this July.

To show their gratitude for everyone's support, they held a "thank you - no cost" car wash for the congregation.

With lots of energy, both the "junior-junior", junior, senior and college youth and young adults washed over 20 cars in a two hour period.

At one point, Matt was a little concerned when he saw the Sunnyvale Fire Department's hook and ladder cruise by, thinking they might be interested in a free wash. To his relief, it was simply passing by!
Using pit stop crew techniques, each car was greeted by multiple washers as they knocked each car out in short order. The wash included window washing inside and out.

The great thing was the attention to detail that was given to cleaning and drying!

St. Mark's youth would like to thank God and those that He has provided for all they have given in support!

Car Wash Highlights


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