Youth Car Wash

October 12, 2003

On a beautiful autumn afternoon, St. Mark's youth began their fund raising campaign for the 2004 National Youth Gathering in Florida!
35,000 youth will descend on Orlando next July 24-28, 2004 for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Youth Gathering. Yes, you read that right—35,000!!!! Youth will boldly come together in the name of Jesus to proclaim, celebrate and witness their salvation through Him, rejoice in the fellowship of their church, and be affirmed and nurtured in their lives as God’s people through Word and Sacrament—all centered around the theme, “Beyond Imagination”.
To earn the necessary funds to make the trip, the youth will be holding various fund raising groups for the next nine months, with the goal being to pay for as much of the youth's trip as possible.

The youth quickly learned that to do an excellent cleaning job and to move the cars quickly through the line, teamwork was critical.

As these youth demonstrate, teamwork was not an issue as they all worked hard to finish this car!

With the washing completed, the car underwent final cleaning and touch up, including the windows, inside and out, and a thorough vacuuming of the interior.

By the time the care was completed, the cars were spotless, with some owners hardly recognizing the finished work.

Of course, what would a Lutheran car wash be without food! From start to finish, all those waiting for their car to be washed could enjoy a great combo meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies and soda.

Ah, another satisfied customer.

St. Mark's youth would like to thank all who participated in the fund raising event which raised over $800!

God truly blessed this event for which everyone is most thankful.


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