Youth Car Wash

April 28, 2002

The St. Mark High School youth held a car wash fundraiser that will help provide funds so they may travel to Disneyland this summer.
The youth are raising money through various means. These efforts are teaching the youth how to plan, to budget and to better appreciate the results of their hard work.
With the help of parents and other adults, the car wash crew was more than capable of getting the customers in and out at top speed!
In addition to the adults, the junior high youth also assisted, even though they were not going on the trip. What a great show of support they provided and learning experience they received.
As one can see, even the smallest helped wash the cars.
Although the pickups brought a bit more money, they certainly were a lot more work!
Great job on the roof....certainly easier than the van I did earlier.
For some, they chose a complete interior cleaning. What is that moving on the floor board?! It's moving!!!
Throughout the afternoon, the kids not only worked hard, they also held many impromptu water fights. By the end of the afternoon, they were the cleanest kids around.
In addition to the car wash, people had the opportunity to dine on the fine BBQ cuisine of hot dog, hamburgers, chips and soda!
While waiting for their cars to be finished, these ladies had a great chance to catch up on the latest news!
With the afternoon starting with overcast and cloudy skies...

...the skies cleared and the weather perfect for washing cars.

Of course, a little rain in the evening could result in some great return business!

Throughout the afternoon, the youth took great care in providing a super cleaning job. Check out the detail work here!
With a few minutes to spare, Mark takes a well deserved meal break.
As with all work days and fund raisers, Pastor Rod lends his advice. "So anyway kids, when we had car washes, it was a lot tougher. Not only was the water colder, it was dirty! This made it really difficult to get the car clean. In addition, we had to haul the water three miles, through snow two feet deep! It was really a tough job!"
Finally, with more than $400 net earned, the gang considers the car wash a great success!


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