Youth Fundraising
"Making Candy"

November 18, 2007

St. Mark has been richly blessed by an active youth group that participates in many local, regional and national activities.

Their most recent adventures were attending the National Youth Conference in Orlando, Florida in July 2007 and the more regional Quake in Pleasanton, California.

To finance local activities and travel expenses to the different conventions, the youth hold many fund raisers, including: car washes, baby sitting and candy making at Christmas.

On November 18, 2007 the youth gathered at St. Mark to make this year's Christmas candies which were a huge hit with members last year as they made super gifts.

Although fund raising was the objective, the youth also had a great time with the process itself.

As stated earlier, St. Mark has been richly blessed with its youth and their energy to search the Bible for answers and to spread the word through invitations to their friends to join the fun!

Candy Making Highlights

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