"Captive Free" Concert

For the second time in 2006, St. Mark hosted a "Captive Free" concert. This time the concert was for the whole congregation.

Captive Free is a National Team sponsored by Youth Encounter. This group of young adults ministers throughout the West Coastal region of the United States for one year with a faith-encouraging program of music, testimonies, drama and puppetry to inspire people of all ages!

Youth Encounter sponsors many Captive Free teams that travel throughout the United States and many parts of the world!

Travis, a St. Mark member, has been blessed with the opportunity to travel with Captive Free for nearly two years. This August Travis will complete his time with Captive Free, a fantastic experience telling people of the love of Jesus!

During the concert, used puppets and personal reflection to provide the Good News of God that Christ took our place on the cross, so that we could once again have a perfect relationship with God.

All we have to do is accept Christ as our Savior and eternal life in heaven is ours.

St. Mark offers many ministry opportunities for all age groups.

Glenn, St. Mark's Ministry Director, would love the opportunity to discuss the various ministries that St. Mark has to offer. Glenn can be reached by email or at (408) 736-6605.


Complete Concert Highlights


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