St. Mark's
"Church in the Park"

June 3, 2007


St. Mark celebrated its Ninth Annual "Church in the Park" service at Murphy Park in Sunnyvale.

Held on the same weekend as the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival, the outdoor service is one of St. Mark's outreach programs.


With a them similar to Home Depot, Pastor Rod spoke on,

"You can do it...We can help." ...

"You can do it...He will help!"

Based on Romans 8, Pastor Rod spoke to what God can and will do for us, if we ask.

With God's help, we can do anything.



After the worship service, everyone was treated to a super BBQ with all the fixin's, followed by fellowship, lots of kids running around and a good time simply relaxing.

Worship and Activity Highlights

St. Mark, for the second year, had a booth in the family section of the festival celebration. This was a super place for kids to have fun and the parents to take a break.

Similar to last year, the kids were treated to a small craft that volunteers helped them make.

This year it was an origami animal that the kids were able to fold themselves to make a cute animal.


Accompanied by a little rap music, the volunteers spoke to the parents about St. Mark and its various programs, while the children made their craft.

Art and Wine Festival Highlights


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