St. Mark's
"Church in the Park"

June 4, 2006


On June 4, 2006, St. Mark celebrated its 8th annual "Church in the Park" at Murphy Park in Sunnyvale, California.

On a spectacular spring morning with God's creation at its best, St. Mark's members and visitors celebrated all that God has provided us.

The message spoke to our thirst that we try to quench through many means.


For some, it is a soda, for others it might be water. But without God's Word and everlasting water, our thirst can never be quenched. We must look to the cross to be truly refreshed.

St. Mark's fantastic praise band, Jubilant Grace led the worship with may beautiful songs!

After the message, we all joined with each other at the Lord's Table for communion. What a special occasion to worship God in the midst of all He created.



Following worship, we enjoyed our traditional hot dog, brawts and hamburger lunch with all the fixin's!

Of course, once one has had a great lunch, it's time to stretch the legs with some exercise. Many different games were enjoyed by young and old.

On a warm day, the favorite activity was anything that consisted of water as the water was a super cooler against the sun.

Worship and Activity Highlights


St. Mark always has there Church in the Park on the same weekend as Sunnyvale's popular Art and Wine Festival.

This year, St. Mark participated by hosting a booth in the children's area.

Children could construct one of four types of animal stick puppets.

While the children made their puppets, it gave us the opportunity to talk to the parents about this summer's VBS program.

Finally, what would the Art and Wine Festival be without some great music, where many volunteers could be found when their time was completed!

Art and Wine Festival Highlights


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