St. Mark's 1998 Beach Service
August 30, 1998


On August 30th, approximately 75 members and guests of St. Mark in Sunnyvale, traveled to Santa Cruz for a morning beach worship, followed by a day of fellowship and recreation. Although the morning started with a typical summer coastal fog, the sunshine soon broke through to provide a most beautiful day.

Pastor Rod led the group in a Spirit filled worship service that included Holy Communion. With the ocean as our background, the setting was perfect for enjoying God's Word and His creations.


With St.Mark's organ back in Sunnyvale, Glenn and Robert led our music worship.


As part of the worship, everyone broke into smaller groups and were asked to create something in the sand that reflected their thoughts on the New Testament story where Christ healed the paralytic who was lowered through the roof by his friends.

The photo shows one group's thoughts that through faith in Christ, His power and strength is given to us.


By the end of the day, all that attended, agreed that the opportunity to worship God and to have fellowship with each other, was well worth the trip to Santa Cruz. In fact, plans are already being made for further beach services during the Summer of 1999.

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