St. Mark's Church at the Beach - 2013

St. Mark, on August 25, 2013, celebrated its 15th annual Church at the Beach at Twin Lakes, Santa Cruz, California.

The message and group study was based "The Ark, the Water, Jesus and You!" based on Genesis 6:14-16.

Everyone was split into various groups, some as engineers to help with building the Ark, some as animals to fill the stalls and others in the various capacities to support God's plan.

With the engineers walking off the dimensions, we were able to see the overwhelming size of the ark, roughly 450 feet long and 75 feet wide!

After the groups completed building the ark, Pastor Rod completed the message, including the waters of baptism.

With the weather being the best we have every enjoyed, everyone enjoyed the water, some other sports, some lunch and a lot of fellowship with each other.

Best of all, it was an opportunity to simply sit back, soak up God's creation and take a short break from the hectic pace of where we live.

St. Mark thanks God for the opportunities He has provided, including the time to worship Him at the beach!

Church at the Beach Highlights!

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