St. Mark's Church at the Beach - 2010

On August 29, 2010, held its 12th annual Church at the Beach at Twin Lakes beach, Santa Cruz, California.

With 100+ in attendance, we all enjoyed worshipping God in the middle of His creation.

The message and group activity, titled, "Ride the Wave", was based on Ephesians 4:14-16.

The group activity based on the Ephesians reading, taught how Christ is the head of the body and the rest of us are joined together to form the body, working together to accomplish God's mission.

The activity showed how a blindfolded person, trusting in their group, could still accomplish the task of finding a hidden treasure.

After worship, and with the sun out from behind the clouds, the weather was great for running in the surf.

...for some football and other sports...

...and simple relaxation!

St. Mark thanks God for the wonderful opportunities He has provided, including the time to worship Him at the beach!

Church at the Beach Highlights!

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