St. Mark's Church at the Beach - 2007

St. Mark celebrated it's 9th annual "Church at the Beach" at Twin Lakes Santa Cruz on August 19, 2007

Normally, the day starts foggy and breaks into sunshine around lunch, but on this day, it was a gorgeous blue from the beginning!

The message was "Run the Race", based on the scripture Hebrews 12:1.

As a group activity, four groups were formed, with each "racing" against each other in a number of activities. With winning not stressed, it was teamwork and style that won the day!

Jubilant Grace provided the music for the service, with this youngster giving an assist to dad!

Following the service, the afternoon was spent playing on the beach, eating and excellent fellowship with each other.

On a day when the waves were small, this young lady took it upon herself to encourage the waves into being a little larger for those that wanted to body surf.

"Come on, I've got game!

OK, I know I'm a little small, but really, I can play."

"It was this close! I could have been a contender! Oh, well, maybe next year! Adults, what are you going to do with them!"


"Has anyone seen David Hasselhoff? I understand they're ready to shoot Baywatch 2007!"

Although "walking the kelp" was mostly an east coast activity, this man showed great form on this beautiful day.

"Wow! Can you believe how high he hit that little ball! Do you think it will make orbit? Amazing!"

Church at the Beach Highlights

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