St. Mark's Church at the Beach - 2006

On August 27, St. Mark celebrated it's 8th annual "Church at the Beach" in Santa Cruz, CA.

Although the service was a little chilly due to the fog, by lunchtime, the sun was out.


The theme for the service and the message was "Symbols in the Sand." Although there are many symbols used in the Bible, the group focused on four symbols.


The Empty Tomb, Noah's Ark, the Cross and the Fish (IXOYE - ICHTHUS, meaning "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior") were the symbols we focused on. Four groups were formed and each was assigned one symbol to portray with materials from the beach.

This photo shows the fish, with each group member contributing one "shoe" to complete the object.

Although Christ rose from the dead to leave an empty tomb, it began with His sacrifice of dying on the cross to pay the un payable debt to His Father for our sins. There has never been a greater show of love than what Christ showed for us that Good Friday.

Following the service it was time to enjoy the remainder of the day in fellowship with each other, having some great picnic food, swimming in the ocean or playing different sports.

Although the weather eventually turned sunny, some people weren't quite ready to jump into the cold water while the fog remained and took a somewhat hidden approach to staying warm!

"Yes, I proclaim this beach mine for the day! Let's swim!"

With many dressed in wetsuits to stay warm, this brave soul stayed ahead of the waves with some really fine body surfing!


Paul shows some athletic prowess by hurtling the attempted tag. Hmm, too bad the girls eventually won in the First Annual "Girls Against the Boys" Whiffle Ball Classic. Better luck next time guys!

With a high five, the day is declared a huge success as everyone enjoyed God's creation!

"Oh, come on. Please let me out. The "laundry game" really is starting to get a little old!"

Church at the Beach Highlights


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