St. Mark's Church at the Beach

On August 24, 2003, St. Mark celebrated Church at the Beach at Santa Cruz on a glorious day of God's creation!

In six years of having Church at the Beach, this was the most beautiful weather experienced as the fog was never a factor and the temperature stayed in the high 70's.


With the theme of this year's service being, "Building Castles in the Sand", Pastor Rod's message spoke to Christ's message of building on either sand (oneself) or on the rock (Christ).

For those not depending on Christ, it would be like building one's life on a sandy foundation, one that would easily wash away.

To illustrate his point, Pastor Rod broke everyone into small groups and asked them to build a sandcastle.

The lesson was that no matter how great the castle was, its foundation was only sand and that with the next tide, it would be gone.

Following the service, with the temperatures rising, it was time for everyone to enjoy the water, play in the sand or simply enjoy the fellowship with each other.


For some, however, there was just NO rest from the daily chores of cleaning dishes. Poor Elizabeth, it was almost impossible to get all the sand out of the bowls!

At the end of the day, with the crowds beginning to thin, it was a good time to sit quietly and soak in all that God provides and enjoy His creations.

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