Highlights from

St. Mark's 2014
Vacation Bible School

July 14-18, 2014

The kids heard five amazing Bible accounts from the shore of or on the Sea of Galilee. They heard how crowds of thousands followed Jesus as He called His disciples, taught the people about their heavenly Father and showed that He keeps us safe, saves us and provides for all we need now and eternally.

The kids took part in games, sang songs and had delicious snacks. These experiences brought God's Word, the Bible, alive with new meaning for all who participated.

Weekday Highlights

Following the five weekday sessions, the kids invited their family and friends for a great Friday evening celebration.

Friday Celebration Highlights

On Sunday morning, the children led the Sunday Service by telling the stories they had learned during the week.

Sunday Worship Highlights

St. Mark is grateful to God for the many volunteers who spent countless hours in preparation to teach the children about the love of Jesus!