St. Mark's 1998 Vacation Bible School

St. Mark has been blessed for many years with the opportunity to serve the youngsters of St. Mark and the community with the provision of a Vacation Bible School. This year, VBS was held from July 20th to 24th, with the theme being being Jesus statement, "I am the light of the world" (John 8:12).

The following captures the theme of this year's VBS program:

For centuries sailors have looked to lighthouses to guide them to safety.

The Lighthouse Adventure: Jesus Lights the Way taught the kids that God sent Jesus, the Light of the world, to guide, rescue, protect and comfort them. With this VBS, kids grow in their understanding of His Word, a beacon for everyone!

Each hands-on, interactive lesson in the 5-day program challenged the kids to discover how God's promises keep them on course.

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."
(John 8:12)


With children from preschool to junior high in attendance, and numbering about 35,everyone enjoyed the Bible lessons and crafts, as highlighted below:

Pastor, as "Uncle Ray", led the children in their daily Bible lesson. The lessons were presented through storybook form, with characters as Quackers the parrot and his nephew and niece, Mark and Mercy leading the way as they explored Way Island.


Paul is shown standing with Quackers, Uncle Ray's parrot, in front of a lighthouse that relates to how Jesus "Lights Our Way."



Although the Bible lessons, through the use of skits and stories, was the prime reason for bringing the children to VBS, the children are also given the opportunity to have further fun through crafts, that are related to the overall theme for VBS. This picture shows some of the older youth, along with Pastor Rod (back right) and John (back left) St. Mark's Youth Director.



Not to be outdone by the older youth, the younger children show their enthusiasm with the crafts they made.


St. Mark offers many activities for all age groups, including Sunday worship, Bible class and Sunday School. For further information, call St. Mark at (408) 736-6605. In addition, you can find more information on our web site by clicking here!


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