Sunday Summer School
at St. Mark

Summer 2003

For the Summer of 2003, St. Mark's children, or Zoomers as they were called travelled to TheZone, where fun and learning go hand in hand.

St. Mark's adults, or Zone Guides helped the children zoom to the past to meet Jesus of Yesterday, zoom to the present to experience Jesus today and zoom to the future to exciting adventures in the joys and challenges of life.

As the different age groups moved from activity to activity, they were able to enjoy different settings and teachers.

The "site rotation" was a big hit with the kids as they were able to experience different settings and teachers.

This young lady is definitely happy about the delicious snack that she made.

Taking advantage of beautiful summer weather, these youngsters took the opportunity to be outdoors...

...and enjoy some spirited exercise.

God greatly blessed St. Mark's summer Sunday School program and we all look forward to the summer of 2004!


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