Summer Sunday School
at St. Mark

Summer 2006

St. Mark's Summer Sunday School was "Fiesta: Where kids are fired up about Jesus."

All the kids followed Chadder Chipmunk as he headed to Maybarrio to celebrate at Grandpa Luis' fiesta. But wacky Sheriff Arnie Fluke mistakes Chadder for a criminal and sets out to capture our furry friend.


As with past summer Sunday School sessions, St. Mark used the rotation system, where children moved from one area to another...

...where they could enjoy Bible stories, crafts, songs and snacks!

God has not only blessed St. Mark with many wonderful children, but he has also blessed St. Mark with fantastic youth who serve as teachers.

Using the Fiesta theme throughout the activities, the children learn about their wonderful Savior by different means.

God teaches us to study His Word and to use the gifts that He has provided us in all that we do.

These children are learning that they are special to God and that He has a purpose for all of them in life.


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