Sunday Summer School
at St. Mark

Summer 2004

St. Mark's 2004 summer Sunday School program was based on the Lava Lava Island Vacation Bible School program.

Similar to last year, the kids "rotated" through different sections, including Bible stories, play and finally a delicious snack.

For play time, the kids were given the challenge of placing balloons that Matt tossed in the air into baskets located in the Parish Hall. The trick was they could not move from their assigned spots.

The kids soon learned that by themselves they could not place the balloons in the baskets without moving. However, by working as a team, they could pass them until the final person could toss them into the basket.

They learned that God wants us to work together, not only in everyday tasks, but in spreading His Word throughout the world. When we put God on our team, all things are possible!

After having a Bible study and some play time, it was time for snacks. The kids are enjoying an ice cream cone without ice cream. Instead they used cereal and fruit gummy for the ice cream!

The program started on June 6th and will run for the entire 2004 summer. With plenty of time built into the schedule, it is never too late to start. So come on out and enjoy the great time!


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