St. Mark Spring Work Day

April 4, 2009

Each year, normally the Saturday before Palm Sunday, St. Mark has a work day to spruce up the church garden and facilities. This year was no different as 25+ people put in a hard four hours of work!


With lots of talented help, painting of well used walls, kitchen cleaning, a top-to-bottom cleaning of the sanctuary and many other indoor jobs were accomplished.

Moving outdoors, the surrounding flower beds were weeded, with fresh plants being added.

As God has richly blessed St. Mark with wonderful facilities, we recognize that we are responsible to take care of these gifts.
"Really,these are work gloves....not just for show! I've used them...let me see....well, today would make once!"


"Are you kidding me?? That's all the weeds I pulled today. Is that orange color the bottom of the bucket? Wow!"

Work Day Highlights

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