St. Mark Spring Work Day

March 15, 2008

With Easter coming early in 2008, our spring work day actually was a "winter" work day!

With a great crew helping, Colin and Gary show gritty form in pulling out some bushes.


Hmmm, seems these two have confused work with the last episode from Star Wars, thinking they are holding light sabers!

The work was evenly divided between indoor cleaning, including the kitchen and making the church shine, and outdoors in getting the flower beds in perfect order! Super job on the windows, Marthe.

For those that didn't make it to the work day on time, there were certain penalties that they had to pay.

"Sorry, Pr, but you have to do ALL the lawn with the hedgers!"

Normally the worse outdoor job, cleaning the gutters, is given to the rookie worker.

In dedication to all the rookies who have cleaned gutters in years past, we dedicate the "unknown ladder."


With the work day coming to a close, Matt applies the final touch in blowing all the leaves and dirt off...wait a minute...

"Hey Matt, it's not the car wash fundraiser, but the Spring Work Day!"

Oh, well, great job by everyone!

Work Day Highlights

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