St. Mark Spring Workday

March 31, 2007

On the last day of March, St. Mark held it's annual Spring Workday, where members and friends get together to give the ground a spring cleaning in preparation for Easter.

Although many of the 25+ who participated have been doing so for years, this year, many first timers came out to assist.

Scott did a super job in preparing and painting the shed as it was really showing its wear.

As is tradition at St. Mark, Pastor Rod continued to confound the experts with the many reasons for not partaking in work. Here he is offering evidence that he spent hard time pulling weeds.

However, as this covert photo from a worker's glasses shows, Pastor Rod was not even close to the alleged weed pulling duty.

It is admitted, however, that his gloves were dirtier at the end of the morning than at the beginning. Could it be?...Nah, it couldn't!

Thanks to the many volunteers, numerous projects, including: painting the stage doors and outdoor shed, cleaning out the gutters, a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, hedge trimming, cleaning and planting the flower beds and other tasks!

With Easter only a week away, facilities and grounds will be in sparkling readiness as we celebrate Christ's resurrection.

St. Mark is truly blessed with many talented people who can offer their services to keep what God has blessed us with in running order.

Finally, as the day of work came to a completion, St. Mark acknowledges the best dressed parking lot cleaner in the county. Great job Matt!

Highlights from the Day

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