St. Mark Spring Cleaning

April 1, 2006
(You are kidding?!)

On the first beautiful Saturday in weeks, one that had no rain after weeks of rain, many spent their morning giving St. Mark it's annual spring clean-up.

Of course, St. Mark was fortunate to have anyone assist as it was scheduled for April 1st! All told, 20+ helped give the grounds, inside and outside a fresh look for the Easter celebrations.

With Palm Sunday only a week away, Valora did a super job in getting palms trimmed and ready for display in the church and for the Sunday School children to process in with.

God has blessed us with many resources, including the facilities that we use.

With that in mind, St. Mark's members strive to take care of the facilities that God has provided and to ensure they will be in good care for the future.

After full morning of cleaning the church, Victoria bids adieu to everyone as she heads home for a well deserved rest.

Meanwhile, Pastor Rod has been caught in the act of manual labor as he hauls a trash can of clippings to the front.

"Hey, has anyone seen that drill sergeant Jim? Can't believe he actually expected me to pickup clippings, trim bushes and pull weeds! What was he thinking!!"

"OK, don't make eye contact with Jim and everything will be all right. Can't he get one picture of me doing work! Doesn't he know I'm Pastor Rod's supervisor!"
"OK, Uncle Jim, I'd be happy to pull a few weeds for you."

"Few weeds, eh? Just a few feet of easy to pull weeds, eh? Not much to do and then I can enjoy cookies and punch, eh? What was I thinking when I said I would do a little weeding? Toughest job out here! Argh!"

"Fine, if no one else is going to help me, I'm just going to replant the bermuda grass and next year someone else can take care of it! Hmph, my luck it will be me!"

"Enough! Isn't it time to go!

"I give up. It was me who hid all the tools so that we could go home!"

As lunch arrived, the evidence was clear that a lot had been accomplished. Great job to everyone who participated.


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