St. Mark Spring Cleaning

April 13, 2003

St. Mark traditionally has their Spring Clean-Up Day on the Saturday before Palm Sunday to ensure the property looks super for Holy Week.

A big part of this day was to plant the new border of bushes on the backside of the Parish Hall. With the major renovation effort completed, it was time to start working on the plants that circle the property.

With our gardening drill sergeant keeping all the outdoor's workers organized, the job was quickly completed.

The border should look great as it matures and will be easy to maintain as John also included the installation of a super soaker system. Great stuff, John!

Although this wasn't Scott's first year helping with the work day, he had never had the opportunity to clean the gutters of St. Mark! All in all, not to bad a job for a rookie gutter cleaner.

Of course the superb support he received from his helpers made the job go even quicker!

With the Parish Hall major renovation completed, these men took the opportunity to move all the tables, chairs and supplies from underneath the new stage and give the area a thorough cleaning.

Of course the Sanctuary needed some extra cleaning, including the dusting of the colored glass.

OK, Mollie, those were the easy pieces of to dust. Now, how about cleaning the glass behind the altar up on the wall. Hmm, you say 20 feet up is a bit high. Oh, well....

Some final work still needs to be done in the Parish Hall for the new sound system and Arley is shown getting a great start on the effort.

Meanwhile, back in the sanctuary, Josh is showing some great form in polishing the pews.

Careful with the wax as we don't want anyone shooting off the pews when they sit down!

"Hmm, Dad says I only have to do this flower border, but it sure seems awfully long."
"Yeah, yeah, only another thirty feet to clean-up. Can you believe the work they make me do. Isn't there some kind of child labor law for kids at churches."

"That's it! I'm out of here. If I move quickly they might not see I've finished this job and assign me another.

Nope won't clean the steeple like last year. All I need now is a few minutes in the hot tub and a warm hot chocolate. Yeah!"

Great job Katie!

Meanwhile, at yet another set of gutters, we find Scott still cleaning:

"Rookie. Hmph. Eight years with the Giants and 49ers and they consider me a rookie! Just because I haven't done their gutters before! Where's that Pastor Rod anyway....think it's time to call an audible on his plans."

And finally, as the work nears completion, we find Pastor Rod at one of his favorite activities, having lunch! Today's special was BBQ'ed salmon! Yum!

....we interrupt this web page for a Special Report, live from St. Mark...

Although yet to be substantiated, it appears we have solid photographic proof of Pastor Rod doing work at a work day. We will be investigating this further to determine if the photo is un doctored!

...we return to our previously scheduled web site.

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