St. Mark Spring Cleaning

March 23, 2002

With Palm Sunday the next day, St. Mark took the opportunity to spruce up the facility in preparation for the Holy Week celebrations.

With more than thirty volunteers helping, the crew completed painting projects, drywalled the inside of the storage shed, lots of general yard work and top to bottom cleaning of the sanctuary.

With spray gun in hand, John made short work of painting the restored classroom and entry way to the classrooms.

Great job John...nice outfit!!

At St. Mark, even the youngest can get in on the work. Katie did a super job with her dad in pulling the weeds in the front flower bed.

Although the first hour of work was in the rain, the clouds cleared and we had super weather for the remainder.

Scott made small work of the weed infested front planter, although those carry the sacks wondered how much was weeds and how much was dirt by the weight!

As with any major task, one needs leadership and St. Mark is no different.

Noting the outfit, Pastor Rod takes his leadership role quite seriously as he provides orders on the sanctuary cleanup.

Based on the rejoicing by the worker in the background, his instructions were well received.

And finally, what would a work day be without some help from St. Mark's renovation fund raiser. Now about that technique to solicit money! Hmm....

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