Super Saturday XI

January 31, 2009

On an unbelievably beautiful January afternoon, St. Mark prepared for the NFL Super Bowl, by playing their annual flag football game.

With the teams chosen, the Reds tried a little intimidation by using the ol' ball levitation trick! Nice job, Paul!

The game was full of fast paced, non-stop action.....OK, that didn't last too long! Actually, the game did involve a lot of quick, excellent plays, with lots of exciting offense.

Although the Reds eventually won the the game, it was an excellent contest that went until the son had finally begun to set!

Despite the pressure, Trev seemed to be throwing TD passes all afternoon...

...which made a great impression on the excited scouts who always attend this hotly contested match up.

With only a few minutes to play, this receiver found out what an object of a certain mass, running at a certain speed, receives when running into another stationary object with just a wee bit more mass!

"Can you believe that last play? They really thought it would work? I think I could have run that one better!"

"Pr, the answer is no. There will be no senior circuit for the annual flag football game so you can quarterback again. Besides, your baseball gloves wore out years ago!"

Super Saturday Highlights

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