Super Saturday X

February 2, 2008

On a cold, drizzly California afternoon, the reds challenged the blues in the annual St. Mark Super Saturday Flag Football game!

Glenn stated the rules prior to the game, including, "If someone goes down, there will be no pylon the players!"

Usually safe from ringers, this year's blue team seemed to have snagged someone with speed, coordination, jumping abilities, uh, an athlete!

With one of his tip pass receptions, Paul races to the end zone.

"Really, I'm not joking. Jim really went that way on a post pattern."

Ballet anyone?

With no shortage of skill, Paul had many opportunities for celebration as he had many scores on the day.

To the fans that braved the cold, rainy weather, our hats are off to you!

At the conclusion of the game, there were many with tired muscles, filthy clothes and ready for pizza!

"People. Can you believe what they do on a lousy weather day! And to think I could have been at home chowin' down on some serious food and watching the pre-Super Bowl shows!"

Super Saturday Highlights

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