Super Saturday IX

February 3, 2007

On a warm winter California afternoon, St. Mark's football warriors took to the Bishop Field turf to determine who would have bragging rights until January 2008.

"Hey, if we all look this way, do you think Pr will notice we're here? Remember when he wore his driving gloves last year as a receiver?"

"OK, I'll take the little guy. What about you?"

"Hmmm, how about the 'man with no hair?'"

Michael Jordan you have nothing on this tongue-waggin' sprinter from Sunnyvale!

Right through the heart of their defense on the way to big yards!

"Tip toe through the tulips."

Way to walk the line Jason!!

Even the youngsters got into the action as they backed down to no one!!

Whoa! This is flag football! Not jersey football! Great air time!

"Do you John, take Julia, in sickness and in health, in flag football and..."


With the teams evenly matched the game for nearly two hours as the offense definitely shone and the defense merely groaned!


Doug seemed to be streaking everywhere with many in pursuit.


"Wait a minute you guys! It's flag football! Not pocket football! Got that? Not pockets....flags!"


"Hey, where did he go? He was just here?"

"Can you believe those crazy people out there?"

"Yeah, but wait until you see how 's l o w l y' they're walking tomorrow at church!"


For All the Highlights

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