Super Saturday Football
January 29, 2005


On a gorgeous winter Saturday afternoon, the turf gladiators of St. Mark met for their 7th annual Super Saturday flag football game.

Although the numbers were down from prior years, the enthusiasm was high as the eight on eight game progressed.

This year the youngsters joined the adults and were involved in many of the plays.

With the score close after the first half, the reds took over in the second to record a final score of 17 to 3.

As in past games, the score wasn't as important as the chance enjoy the chance to play and enjoy all the talents that God has given us.


Doug shows good form in this pass as Josh awaits the opportunity to rush!

Ouch! A near collision as Britt and Matt go for the same pass.


Paul shows good form as he takes a pass and attempts to avoid the oncoming defense.

Britt and Mollie show-off their muscles during the halftime break.


With the game drawing to an end, Josh streaks towards the end zone with two defenders in hot pursuit.

All in all, a "super bowl" day. Our praises go to God as he blessed us with a lot of fun, no injuries and stories to tell our friends.


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