Super Saturday Football
January 24, 2002

On January 24, 2004, St. Mark's gallant football warriors took to the wet turf for the 6th Annual Super Saturday Flag Football game.

With a huge crowd in attendance, the announcers gave their player stat sheets one final review prior to kickoff.

If only they knew what excitement was about to unfold!

With 16 adult players in attendance, the teams were chosen.

In addition to the Senior Bowl, their was also a Junior bowl for the youngsters.

Just prior to the game, Pastor Rod is notified that the coach wants to see him on the sideline.

Returning to the sideline, he is fearful that the coach found where he hid his cell phone in the end zone in the event he made "The Catch" of the game.

As feared, the news was not too good. Although the cell phone had been found, it was the box of Sharpies that forced the coach into benching him.


Whew! The coach was just joking and Pastor Rod was going to be allowed to play. The relief on his face was obvious!

Finally, the game was started, with the red jerseys taking a quick three touchdown lead.


However, just before halftime, the blues came back with two scores and only trailed by one touchdown.

For this well dressed fan, the pressure of the game was almost too much. You could almost read her mind, "How can they be playing this bad! Argh!"

At halftime, in a rarely used strategy, both teams consulted with Knute Amick to determine what plays would work in the second half.


With halftime completed, the game was back on. Although the blues made a great come back, the reds prevailed by a score of 42 to 35.

After the game, everyone enjoyed some pizza together and some time reliving that afternoon's football drama.

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