Super Saturday Football
January 26, 2002

On a cold, rainy day, the elite players of St. Mark chose teams for their annual flag football game
With the sides chosen and prior to kickoff, the teams huddled for a pre-game prayer.
With nearly 20 adults, youth and children "suited", the game began.
With the rain continuing throughout the afternoon, the footing became more and more difficult!

"Pastor Rod, you want us to run a what? We've never heard of a triple reverse, option pass, fake lateral, then half back option!"


That'll teach you to call that crazy play! Great job Champ! Looks like Pastor took a five yard loss this time!

Can you believe the faithful fans who showed up and watched those crazy players?!

...wait a minute, that looks like two of the players waiting under the umbrella!!


After more than one hour, the teams agreed on calling it a game with the score tied 45 to 45. Shown on the right is the blue team.

Hey, that looks like a ringer in the back row, on the right. Must have been a high draft pick!

With PR leading the way, the red team was able to show the Blues a couple of good moves.


Looks like a couple of future Hall of Fame inductees in the making. Great job guys!

And finally a special thanks to Jack, our referee for the big game.

Following the game, most of the players and fans enjoyed some great pizza and fellowship...and then some really warm clothes at home.

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