St. Mark's 1st Annual Super Saturday

To prepare for the Super Bowl, St. Mark hosted the first annual Super Saturday football game that pitted the "young and restless" youth against the "older but wiser" thirty-something pluses! The results were two hours of wonderful football fellowship that resulted in a 28 to 28 tie.

The youth won the coin toss and elected to receive the kickoff. Although fairly confident that they would run past their competition, the youth were soon forced to punt.
For the football game, the player's ages ranged from 9 to 69, with all havin a great time playing in the sun, wind, overcast, but no rain!


Over the first several possessions, neither team could move the ball into the end zone until the elders finally posted the first score well into the half. In fact, they scored the first two TDs, which brought concern to the youngsters on the run.


With an upset weighing heavy on their minds, the youth mounted a last minute first half drive that resulted in a touchdown!

While the youth drank soda and ate munchies, the adults took the opportunity to fill-up on Geritol and Advil as a means of surviving the second half.

As with all big time games, the Pre-Super Bowl also had its half-time show as pictured here!


Playing before a capacity crowd, the youth quickly showed their true plan...wear the over-30's out! By the end of the 2nd half, the youth had built a 28-21 lead that appeared to be enough to win the first annual game.
Not to disappoint two fans from Green Bay, the oldsters put together one final rally that tied the game as the gun sounded, much to their relief! Although the youth wanted overtime, the elders successfully pleaded for bedtime!


With the completion of the game, all the players participated in prayer as we thanked God for the wonderful fellowship, with no injuries.


Knowing that no Super Bowl would be complete without a post-game celebration, the players and supporters joined in a pizza feed. Although most players looked pretty good that evening, it was fun to watch all the sore people the following morning at church, young and old alike!

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