St. Mark's Retreat
"Growing Together"

Spiritual Renewal with
Rev. Jim Wessel


Over three nights, May 16-18th, St. Mark held a spiritual renewal as Rev. Jim Wessel spoke to us on:

  • God's Plan for His People
  • Biblical Imperatives of Equipping Ministry
  • How Should We then Live?

Based on extensive use of Bible references, Rev. Wessel spoke to us on God's unique plans for each of us and as a whole.

Rev. Wessel spoke to our spiritual gifts and the need to use them and not let them set idle as that is not why God gave them to us.

Over the three nights, participants broke into small groups on a number of occasions, providing all with the opportunity to share their spiritual gifts and to discuss what God has planned for them.

On the last night groups shared their different ideas on what could be done specifically at St. Mark.

Throughout the three nights, one blessing was the tremendous fellowship that was shared among all and in the small groups.

Retreat Photos

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