St. Mark Retreat
"Breaking the Missional Code"

Rev. Michael Ruhl


Beginning with the Sunday message on October 22, 2006 and continuing on Monday and Tuesday nights,
Rev. Michael Ruhl spoke to us on "Breaking the Missional Code."

Using a PowerPoint presentation to display both national and local demographics, Rev. Ruhl showed that the mission is outside our doors, not just long distances away and that we would need to change our methods of reaching people with God's Good news from those we previously used.

On the second evening, people were given a congregational assessment that covered many topics concerning our church. From this self-assessment by all, St. Mark could determine areas that we would need to concentrate on.

At the conclusion of the retreat, St. Mark felt blessed from the message that Rev. Ruhl delivered and challenged to discover God's will on how He wants us to reach the unchurched in the local community.

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