St. Mark's Playground
Equipment Replacement

March 2008

After many years of trying to keep the old playground equipment (above photo), it was time to replace all of it.


With the congregation's approval, the Council and Trustees began the process of researching and choosing the new equipment.


With the decisions made, it was time to watch the old...

...transition into the new! And was the new literally a huge improvement!

With all the pieces coming together, the congregation, especially the kids, waited in anticipation for the construction to be completed.

Not only were St. Mark's kids looking forward to the set, but also the neighborhood kids as they continually stopped by to see the progress.

After two weeks of work, the playground dedication and opening was held after church on March 30, 2008 much to the delight of the parents and children.

The initial reviews from the kids are in and as the smiles show, the new equipment is a fantastic success.

You knew it had to happen that the parents wanted to get in on the fun and enjoy the new equipment also. Great form, Dave!

As everyone found enjoyment in watching the kids play, we all gave thanks to God for this wonderful opportunity He has blessed us with.

Not only will it serve St. Mark's kids, but it will also provide an for our neighbor's children, providing St. Mark with an opportunity to better serve the local community in another manner.

Playground Highlights

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