St. Mark's 2001 Oktoberfest

The BBQ'er

For St. Mark, the last Friday in October has become the combined Oktoberfest and Halloween celebration, including food, costumes, food, entertainment, food and lots of fun. Oh, and if it wasn't mentioned, lots of food!

With the food lending towards the German flavor, lots of BBQ'ed brawts and potato salad were served and enjoyed by all.

Food Line
Bashful Snowwhite Although this little Snow White was bashful for this photo, she had a great time during the evening watching the puppets and sharing in the other entertainment.
Go Big Red! With the big Oklahoma/Nebraska game the next day, these Nebraska fans showed their true colors in their costumes. Go Big Red!
Pink Flamingo Costume With winter on the way, this giant pink flamingo stopped in for a few minutes as she headed south for the winter. Checkout those feet!
In full dress, these boys had a super time at the crafts table, making various items. All Dressed Up
Just Clowing Around The clown's brother seems to be thinking, "Has it already been another year since he wore that crazy outfit!"
Working hard to create alternate transportation to her broom, this youngster works hard at blowing up the balloon. Big Orange Balloon
Who's On First Skit Using the Backdoor Puppet for the first time, Vi and Barb performed the famous "Who's On First" routine.
The Backdoor Puppets performed two skits, one on Daniel and the Lion's Den and one on Trick or Treat. Backdoor Puppets
Backdoor Puppet Bell Ringers In addition, the Backdoor Puppet Bell Ringers played serveral songs to the delight of all.
With Padre Pedro, aka Pastor Rod, helping with an illusion, the crowd was treated to the infamous disappearing water trick. Illustion with Pastor
Cake Walk Finally, the evening ended with serveral cake walks that delighted many as they were able to take away some delicious cakes.
Kellie was one happy winner as she took home a very innovation cake dressed to be a carmel apple. Cake Prize

St. Mark thanks you for spending a few minutes looking at our festivity. If you are new to St. Mark, our church offers many activities for all age groups, including Sunday worship, Bible class and Sunday School. For further information, call St. Mark at (408) 736-6605. In addition, you can find more information on our web site by clicking here!

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