St. Mark's Reformation and
New Member's Sunday

On Sunday, October 28, 2001, St. Mark celebrated Reformation Sunday and welcomed 31 new members to the congregation.

Praise God for using his servant Martin Luther to boldly proclaim God's message of salvation through faith in his son Jesus Christ and not of good works and other means as dictated by the church of the 16th century.

With one of St. Mark's largest group of new members to join the church, the congregation rejoiced in God's blessing of bringing so many wonderful God loving people into our family.

Following the Reformation service and welcoming and blessings on our new members, the congregation joined the new members in cake and fellowship.
Welcome to St. Mark Buck and Edana! We are thrilled to have you!
St. Mark is well known for it love for the Lord and each other as evidenced by its welcoming for its new members.

God has indeed blessed us with many new people to help spread the Good News to the local community.

If you are interested in joining St. Mark, our church offers many activities for all age groups, including Sunday worship, Bible class, Sunday School, including both traditional and contemporary worship. For further information, call St. Mark at (408) 736-6605. In addition, you can find more information on our web site by clicking here!

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