St. Mark's Movie Night
October 23, 1998


St. Mark's Pastor Rod and the Elders sponsored a Friday movie night for young and old at St. Mark's Parish Hall, which featured the Billy Grahm movie, "The Ride." Although the movie was the feature event of the night, those that arrived early were provided a BBQ hamburger and hot dog dinner with all the fixin's.

The following are some of the highlights:

Prior to the movie, everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ meal of hamburgers and hot dogs as cooked by Skip, with Glenn's supervision.


Although it was a late October evening, the weather was perfect for an autumn BBQ. Again Skip shows his all pro form of flipping the burgers and dogs!


With the BBQing complete, the 90 people who attended, completed their meal with various salads. During the movie, everyone enjoyed the mainstay of a good movie...popcorn!


With food and drink in hand, many people were escorted to their table by our own Pastor Rod.


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Finally,for those that missed seeing the sponsors of the movie night, just click here!

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