Mother's Day 2002
At St. Mark

On Sunday, May 12th, St. Mark, along with others nationwide, celebrated Mother's Day!


Not only does St. Mark honor its mothers, it also honored all the women, young and old as they all serve our Lord through his ministry at St. Mark.

As one can see, the women are presented with a beautiful red rose.
As a St. Mark tradition, each of the women who have their photo taken, receives a copy the following Sunday to commemorate their special day.
As the Bible attests, women played a prominent role throughout the history of the old and new testament.


For the wonderful support these women have given their Lord and their families, we all give thanks.


St. Mark offers many activities for all age groups, including Sunday worship, Bible class and Sunday School. If you would like more information, call St. Mark at (408) 736-6605 or read more information on our web site by clicking here!


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