Mother's Day 2008

In its traditional manner, St. Mark celebrated Mother's Day on a beautiful spring day.


Pastor Rod, centering his sermon around 1 John 3:16-24, titled the message,

"Learning what love really is...
Teaching what love really is...
Practicing what love really is!"

Pastor Rod spoke to mom's making life a "learning lab" where life's lessons are always being taught as preparation for when children grow and leave home.

During the children's message the children gave all the women a carnation and a devotional book, "Woman of God: Living in Grace."

Following the service, all the women were invited to have their photo taken with their family or friends as a keepsake for the day.

God has richly blessed so many people with mother's who care, who use life as a "learning laboratory" to prepare their children for life's adventures. To God we give thanks!

Mother's Day Highlights

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