St. Mark's 2000 Christmas Tree Party

St. Mark held its annual Christmas Tree cutting party in the local hills. Although a cool day, the spirits were high as the church's tree was cut, along with many others.

Take a few minutes to enjoy some of the highlights of the day:

Before selecting a tree to be cut, everyone goes about the task of finding the "perfect" tree. Do you think Charlie Brown had this much difficulty?



Yep, I do believe that this one's a keeper. Now whose going to get down there and cut through that thick trunk?!?

So you say that when you were a kid, the trees were how big...and you had to pull them through how much snow...and you cut them down with a pocket knife! Wow! You're good.

So Glenn, do you sometimes feel like your life is spent in a fog?!

And finally, it's time to load the trees and head for home. What a great day it was for everyone to share fellowship with each other and with God in all nature's beauty.

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