Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

On a beautiful summer evening, roughly 40 St. Mark members and friends attended the San Jose Giant's (single A minor league) baseball game.
With the ever present "Coach Rod" working the crowd, everyone was amazed with his knowledge of the game....
...although we were a bit surprised when after seeing a grand slam by the home team, he asked these astute fans, "Do you think they should go for one or two extra points?"
As one can see, these three young men took no chances in receiving Coach Rod's advice.

Did he really believe the shortstop was offside on the double play?

With the game well in hand, the crowd did its best rendition of "YMCA" with the help of the Giant's "Courtesy Crew."

Glenn, you're looking pretty good!!

As one can see, Taylar believes the San Jose Giants are the are the number one team around.

All in all, the evening was a super time for all as we rooted the home team to a lopsided victory.

A special thanks to Glenn who made all the arrangements and was able to get all the tickets for free.

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