Pilgrim Dinner Highlights

November 17, 2002

On November 17, 2002, St. Mark celebrated their annual Pilgrim's Dinner with the emphasis being on everyone's thanks to God for his blessings on St. Mark's recently completed renovation project.

To prepare the traditional Thanksgiving meal, many hands were required, especially when it came time to carve the five turkeys and make final preparations.

Although many of the helpers were happy to be "on the record" for their preparation participation, this young lady wants to be "off the record" when discussing the secret ingredients in the turkey basting.
Although a good crowd was expected, a super crowd in excess of 160 enjoyed the fine food!

With the turkey and stuffing being prepared at church, it was left to others to bring the side dishes, including some fantastic desserts!

With the unexpected large crowd, these gentleman were kept busy keeping the punch bowl filled throughout the evening.

With the meal complete, a short presentation was held to thank all who worked so hard on the renovation project.

As a special thanks, Jack was presented with some pieces of the old floor with words of thanks as Jack had been the one to keep it in good repair throughout the many years.

A special thanks was given to Per for all her help with the Renovation Committee, which included the jump starting of the project several years ago.
Skip, who lead the renovation and was responsible for coordinating the efforts of all the contractors, received a super ovation from the crowd in acknowledgement for his effort.
Indeed, St. Mark was graciously blessed by God for not only the renovation effort, but for all things given throughout 2002. For this, St. Mark was most grateful.

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