Pilgrim Dinner Highlights

November 11, 2001

On November 11, 2001 St. Mark held its annual Pilgrim Dinner, with approximately 125 in attendance.

As in the past, St. Mark thanks God for his many blessings upon his ministries and outreach.

With six turkeys in the oven, the many cooks put the final touches on the turkey carving and the preparation of all the goodies.

Of course, as everyone knows, a large appetite is an advantage when arriving at the Thanksgiving food table.

For Britt, she took the smart road to the table by working up a great appetite by mashing many pounds of potatoes. Great job Britt.

Hmm...two plates of food! The selection of food was superb as many brought their Thanksgiving Day specialties to share with all.

Although the food was super, St. Mark's parishioners know that a large part of any celebration is the fellowship that goes with it.

St. Mark takes to heart God's command to "love your neighbor as oneself" as everyone takes time to share a few minutes with each other.
Of course, as with most Thanksgiving meals, there were plenty of leftovers, with Suzie taking the opportunity to take lunch for the next few days!

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