Easter Egg Hunt

March 30, 2002
Memorial Park
Cupertino, California

On a warm spring morning, the Backdoor Puppet duo of Trent and Jim, took the roving puppet stage to the BIG Easter egg hunt in Cupertino, California.

With temperatures in the high 70's and the crowds in the thousands, the lines were long and those waiting in need of a little entertainment.

With Harold, the Backdoor Puppet's primary prankster, leading the way, Harold and Jim greeted many of the youngsters and performed some Gospel illusions! The kids had a great time and the parents had a break from watching the kids!
Now Harold, quit that smooching of the ladies. Sometimes you just can't figure out what Harold is going to be doing next.
So you always wanted to know who was behind Harold? Great job Trent, especially on the first hot day of the year!

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