St.Mark's 2004 Ministry Fair

Following a successful "40 Days of Purpose" program, St. Mark held a Ministry Fair so that everyone could learn about the various ministries St. Mark has and how they could participate.


As we learned in "40 Days of Purpose", we all have a purpose in God's ministry plans. We just have to ask Him what He has in mind for us to do.

As people saw, God's ministry at St. Mark has something for everyone to do. All we have to do is ask!

God has blessed everyone with spiritual gifts and talents that will further His kingdom.

As this youngster found out, there are even ministries for her. We often forget that some of the best for spreading the Gospel are the little ones. God has truly blessed St. Mark with some remarkable children and youth, for which we give thanks.

Whether teaching Bible classes, as Scott does for the men, or providing trustee support, there is something for everyone.

Although Pastor Rod is not allowed near power tools, Trent is explaining to Bart the benefits of being a trustee and keeping the facilities in super shape.


God has richly blessed St. Mark with people who wish to use their God-given gifts to further His Word.

And as the ministry leaders found, many more are ready to step forward and help!

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