St. Mark's Lent and Easter Schedule


St. Mark celebrates Lent and Easter with special services and meals, beginning with Ash Wednesday on February 10th and continuing through the Easter celebration on Sunday, March 27th.

This year's them is based on the theme, "A Higher Calling."

Starting with Ash Wednesday, St. Mark begins a season of repentance as a preparation for Easter. It is a time when all should reflect upon the enormous burden that Christ carried for us, a burden that eventually led to the cross and His death for our sins. The Lenten season is culminated in the Maundy Thursday service which celebrates the Last Supper and the Good Friday service which remembers Christ's death on the cross.

Thank God, Christ's death is not the end of the message, but that it continues with the Good News of Christ's resurrection as celebrated on Easter Sunday morning.

The following is St. Mark's schedule of services for the Lenten and Easter season. Prior to each Lenten Service (not including Maundy Thursday and Good Friday), St. Mark serves a light meal at 6:00PM, followed by the evening service at 7:00PM.

St. Mark will be celebrating Holy Communion at all Wednesday evening services. Our prayers are with you during this most solemn and joyous season. May God grant you His richest blessings.

Selection of the Bible passage will provide the passage for your reading.

What is Lent? -- A short description of special days during Lent.

Forty Days of Lenten Verses.

Seder Recipes


Date Event/Times/Theme
February 10th 

Meal (6:00PM)
Ash Wednesday Service (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme: "Forgiven, Cleansed"
Bible Verse: 1 John 1:5-10

February 17th   Meal (6:00PM)
Lenten Service (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme: "A Higher Calling"
Bible Verse: Luke 22:24-30
February 24th

Meal (6:00PM)
Lenten Service (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme: "Complete Surrender of Will"
Bible Verse: Luke 22:39-46

March 2nd

Meal (6:00PM)
Lenten Service (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme:"The Power of Darkness"
Bible Verse: Luke 22:47-53

March 9th  Meal (6:00PM)
Lenten Service (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme:"Charges of Insurrection"
Bible Verse: Luke 23:1-17
March 16th   Meal (6:00PM)
Lenten Service (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme:"Surrendering Jesus"
Bible Verse: Luke 23:18-25
March 20th   Palm Sunday Worship (10:00AM) with Communion
Children's processional of palms and special music!
March 24th

Maundy Thursday (7:00PM) with Communion
Theme: "THE Passover Lamb"
Bible Verse: Luke 22:7-23

March 25th Good Friday Tennebrae Service (7:00PM)
March 27th Breakfast (8:30AM)
Easter Celebration with Holy Communion (10:00AM)
Theme: "Much More than a Stone Rolled Away"
Bible Verse: Mark 16:1-8


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