St. Mark's "Senior" Luncheon

April 14, 2002

Throughout St. Mark's history, St. Mark has been blessed with the support of many "senior" people.


Without their active support in many projects and their fervent prayers, St. Mark could not provide the ministry it does.


God has blessed St. Mark with so many vibrant seniors that continue to minister to God's will. For this we are very thankful.



For this blessing, St. Mark celebrated their current and past support by honoring them during the worship service and with a luncheon.

With a beautiful buffet of food to chose from, the seniors enjoyed the food and fellowship.

With the main course completed, everyone enjoyed a tableful of desserts that could satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!

Based on the 120+ people in attendance, it was obvious to all how much they are loved and treasured.


Again, we give thanks to our "seniors" and the goodness God has allowed them to bring to St. Mark.

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