St. Mark's "Senior" Luncheon

April 29, 2001

For St. Mark to have grown and prospered for 50 years, many men and women had to sacrifice their time and energy for the Lord.


On this day, the congregation wanted to "Honor our Seniors" as a thanks for their many years of work for God's ministry.


At the morning worship, it was acknowledged that although they were noted as "seniors", everyone at St. Mark is considered young in the Lord.

Following the worship, the congregation prepared a special luncheon in their honor, where all honorees were escorted to their table after selecting their food.
Following the delicious meal, everyone was treated to a fantastic selection of sweets at the dinner table!

Among our honorees was Pastor Bartz, St. Mark's former pastor of many years and continued member.

As one can tell from all the smiling faces, the occasion was enjoyed by all.


Truly, God has blessed all of us through the work of these special people!

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